How to protect yourself

Covid-19 protection plan valid from 29 October 2020)

Due to the increasing number of infections with Covid-19, the Federal Council informed about further national measures at its media conference on Wednesday, 28 October 2020. These include an extended obligation to wear a mask, restrictions on public and private events, no sports and cultural leisure activities involving more than 15 people. The Federal Council continues to rely on strong personal responsibility. Translated with (free version)
1. Only attend Kadampa Meditation Center Switzerland if you are 100% symptom-free to
Persons with symptoms of illness may NOT participate in events of KMC Switzerland. You should stay at home respectively go into isolation and clarify with your doctor the further Procedure.
Keep distance and wear a face mask
When entering the KMC Switzerland and during your stay you have to wear a face mask. Hugs and welcome kisses are still to be avoided. As soon as you sit down and keep the distance of 1.5 meters, you can take off the masks. When you get up or if the distance of 1.5m cannot be kept, you have to put on the face mask again. For regular courses the number of persons in the meditation room is limited to 15 persons, for one-time events to 50 persons, respectively 20 persons in the meditation room, so that the distances can still be kept. Translated with (free version)
3. Wash/disinfect your hands thoroughly
Washing hands or disinfecting plays a decisive role in hygiene. Wash or disinfect your hands regularly and thoroughly when entering KMC Switzerland and also during your stay.
Keeping a contact tracing list
Close contacts between persons must be able to be identified for 14 days at the request of the health authority. In order to simplify contact tracing, KMC Switzerland maintains attendance lists for all events.