Sat 7 September 2019


      Kelsang Chogdrub


      CHF 60


      Kadampa Meditation Center Switzerland

      Finding inner strength – learning to transform adversity

      Day course with Kelsang Chogdrub

      When things are going well and people are kind and treating us with respect, it is not so difficult to be happy. However when we are confronted with difficult situations, our happiness quickly vanishes and we are experiencing anger, frustration and disappointment. As it is inevitable to avoid difficulties in our life, the best thing we can do, to protect us from suffering, is to develop inner strength. Whenever we are feeling strong inside, we have the necessary resources to deal with a constructive, positive and peaceful mind towards whatever we are confronted with.

      Discover on this day course skillful, buddhist methods on how to transform every day challenges into opportunities for spiritual growth. This inner strength will give you the confidence to deal with whatever life throws at you

      What to expect

      On this day course you will get to hear teachings on the subject matter, followed by guided meditations. The meditations will give you the opportunity to deepen the newly gained knowledge. Short Buddhist prayers will be played as a preparation for the teachings and meditations.

      During the breaks there will be tea, cakes and a vegan/vegetarian lunch offered.

      The Teacher

      Kelsang Chogdrub is a Buddhist monk from Holland who studied and practiced meditation and Kadampa Buddhism for over 15 years. He worked and taught at the Kadampa Meditation Center in Holland, where he gained many valuable experiences on how to put Modern Buddhism into everyday life. Kelsang Chogdrub is known for this good heart and deep and practical understanding of Buddha’s teachings and meditations.

      General Information


      CHF 60 whole day course
      CHF 35 half day

      25% discount for AHV/IV and students
      These course fees are included within the FP/TTP plus cards


      Saturday 7 September 2019

      10:00 – 11:15am  | Teaching
      11:15 – 11:45am | Café Break
      11:45 – 12:30pm | Meditation
      13:00pm | Lunch
      14:30 – 15:45pm | Teaching
      15:45 – 16:15pm | Café Break
      16:15 – 17:00pm | Meditation


      It is possible to attend the whole or part of this day course


      There will a vegetarian/vegan lunch available for CHF 15

      The Venue

      The day course takes place at Kadampa Meditation Center Switzerland in Zurich Altstetten.


      For beginners


      Registration is required

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      give us a call on: 044 461 33 88

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