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with Valentina Schweizer

Mondays, 18h30–19h30

25 January–29 March / 19 April–17 May 2021

Discover our meditation classes at Kadampa Meditation Center Switzerland with many inspiring tips on how to turn the problems of everyday life into challenges and bring lightness and joy into your life. The classes are especially suitable for beginners and includes a guided breathing meditation for relaxation, explanations on the topic (see below), another guided meditation on the topic and practical suggestions on how to integrate these insights into our daily lives.

Participation is possible on site or via live stream.


CHF 15 on site
CHF 10 Live Stream




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Meditation Series

Konzentration & Achtsamkeit - Meditations-Challenge
Concentration is essential for a happy life. Without the ability to focus our minds on peaceful, positive states, we remain prone to anxiety, dissatisfaction, and frustration. By training in concentration and mindfulness, we create a positive mind on the one hand and improve our ability to focus on the other. In this way, our everyday life becomes peaceful and productive.
This meditation series includes explanations of the theme followed by guided meditations. These evenings offer you the opportunity to constantly deepen and improve your ability to concentrate and experience your inner peace.

Habits of Happy People

1 March | Acceptance 

Konzentration & Achtsamkeit – Meditations-Challenge

8. März 2021 | Motiviert bleiben die Nutzen der reinen Konzentration

15. März 2021 |  Achtsamkeits- und Konzentrationstraining im täglichen Leben

22. März 2021 | Hindernissen überwinden für reine Konzentration Teil 1

29. März 2021 | Hindernissen überwinden für reine Konzentration Teil 2

Valentina Schweizer

The Teacher

is practicing meditation and Kadampa Buddhism since 2009. She is a student in the teacher training program at Kadampa Meditation Center Switzerland. During the past 11 years she has gained valuable experience in various retreats and in working with Kadampa Centers. Her family environment and her work place provides a suitable space for her to put the buddhist insights she has gained into practice.

Course Information

CHF 15 für Teilnahme vor Ort
CHF 10 for live stream

This class will be held in German

Kadampa Meditationszentrum Schweiz, Mirabellenstrasse 1, 8048 Zürich-Altstetten

Registration for the live stream is required

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