in Wädenswil


Meditation in Wädenswil

mit Jörg Meerholz

Tuesdays, 19:00-20:00pm

16. Februar–30. März / 20. April–18. Mai 2021

Discover our meditation classes in Aarau with many inspiring tips on how to turn the problems of everyday life into challenges and bring lightness and joy into your life. The classes are especially suitable for beginners and includes a guided breathing meditation for relaxation, explanations on the topic (see below), another guided meditation on the topic and practical suggestions on how to integrate these insights into our daily lives.

These evenings, which are suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators, can be attended regardless of previous experience and religious beliefs.


CHF 20




Apana Yoga Center, Wädenswil

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Meditation Series

Habits of Happy People

Happiness is something we all want to be and if we understand how to focus our mind in meditation ways that bring happiness and positive thoughts, we will discover we can bring these good habits of mind into our daily life. The series of meditations will help us train in uplifting ways of thinking and being so our life can become more enjoyable, we can train in being happier and can also have a wonderful impact on those around us.

Glück ist etwas, das wir alle haben wollen, und wenn wir verstehen, wie wir unseren Geist in der Meditation auf Weisen fokussieren können, die Glück und positive Gedanken bringen, werden wir entdecken, dass wir diese guten Gewohnheiten des Geistes in unser tägliches Leben bringen können.Diese Reihe von Meditationen wird dir helfen, deine Denk- und Sichtweisen positiv zu beeinflussen , damit dein Leben angenehmer und glücklicher wird und du einen inspirierenden Einfluss auf die Menschen um dich herum sein kannst.

Habits of Happy People

16. Februar| Wie man gute Gewohnheiten schafft
23. Februar | Dankbarkeit
2. März | Liebe
9. März | Freude


The teacher

Jörg Meerholz Jörg Meerholz is a long-time practitioner of Kadampa Buddhism and meditation. He is a student in the Teacher Training Program at Kadampa Meditation Center Switzerland. His studies as well as his meditation experiences have made him an inspiring example of how to integrate the Buddhist way of life into everyday life. He inspires the listener with his open-minded and clear manner and gives practical and profound advice from Buddha's wisdom.

Course Information

CHF 20 on site
25% reducation for AHV/IV and students

This class will be held in German

Apana Yoga Center / TriYoga Center, Seestrasse 147, 8820 Wädenswil

a registration is required

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