Meditation Workshops

with brunch


Meditation Workshops

with brunch

Saturdays, 10:00am–13:00pm

30 January / 13 February / 13 March 2021

These mornings are very suitable for beginners and include meditations and tips from the ancient wisdom of Buddha. Getting to know these helps us to see our everyday challenges in a new light and to transform them into opportunities for inner growth.

At our popular Meditation Workshops you can expect inspiring explanations on the topic, accompanied by guided meditations. During the break there is a homemade vegetarian/vegan brunch to enjoy.


CHF 40




KMC Switzerland
(only via live stream)

Giving up bad habits

30 January 2021, 10am–1pm

Are you longing for positive changes in the new year? Do you want to finally get rid of your bad habits that always get you into trouble? Then this meditation workshop is just right for you.

On this Saturday morning you will learn how to recognize and dissolve your negative patterns of thinking and acting with meditation. Discover how you can build new and positive habits with helpful inputs from Buddhist wisdom. So that you can start the new year more positive and happier.

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Goodbye winter blues

Experiencing new energy with meditation

13 February 2021, 10am-1pm
Vertreibe negative Gedanken oder Gefühle der Niedergeschlagenheit durch geschickte innere Übungen der Meditation. Entdecke wie du in deinem Geist eine innere Oase des Wohlseins und Glücks erschaffen kannst. Somit entwickelst du einen ausgewogenen Geist, der immer glücklich ist und nicht zwischen den Extremen von Aufregung und Betrübtheit schwankt. Dieser Meditations-Workshop präsentiert einfache, aber kraftvolle Meditationen, die dir helfen den Winterblues zu verjagen, um so neuen Schwung und Energie zu erleben.

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Stopping discouragement

13 March 2021, 10am–1pm

The reason you find it so difficult to make inner or spiritual changes is because you get discouraged so easily.

You think you don't have time to meditate because you are so busy. Or you feel like a hopeless case and give up before you even start. Through these discouragements, you miss the chance to use your time wisely and productively to strive for the inner transformation that leads to happiness and peace.

Discover how to stop these harmful thoughts and feelings of discouragement at this meditation workshop to reach your goal for lasting happiness and contentment.

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Feelings of happiness - meditation makes it possible

01 May 2021, 10am-1pm
Wir alle haben den gleichen grundlegenden Wunsch: glücklich zu sein und Leiden zu vermeiden. Wir verbringen unser ganzes Leben damit, hart dafür zu arbeiten, diesen Wunsch zu erfüllen. Seit diese Welt entstand, haben Menschen auf der Suche nach Glück und der Lösung ihrer Probleme fast ihre ganze Zeit und Kraft darauf verwendet, die äusseren Umstände zu verbessern. Und mit welchem Ergebnis? Erfahre bei diesem Meditations-Workshop buddhistische Methoden, um unser Glück zu vermehren und unsere Probleme zu verringern, in dem wir unsere Einstellung in unserem täglichen Leben verändern, von negativ zu positiv. So erzeugen wir Glücksgefühle in jeder Lebenslage.

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Course Information

CHF 40 on site
CHF 22.50 live stream
25% reduction for AHV/IV and students only for on site

25% reducation for AHV/IV and students

Saturdays, 10:00am–13:00pm
10:00–11:00am | Workshop Session 1
11:00–12:00pm | Brunch
12:00–13:00pm | Workshop Session 2

The brunch consists of vegetarian and vegan mostly homemade dishes

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Frequently asked questions

Yes - Everyone is welcome at Kadampa Meditation Center Switzerland. No one is excluded, no matter what your background or beliefs are. The methods and practices taught here are suitable for everyone, no matter how much experience you have.

No - Please come as you are. At KMC Switzerland, chairs and meditation cushions are provided for seating. If you like to sit on the cushion, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing. Traditionally you will be asked to take off your shoes before entering the meditation room. We have floor heating and socks if needed.

No - Many people who come to our events have little or no experience. It doesn't matter if you have tried to meditate before without much success. Everyone finds meditation challenging in the beginning because our mind is naturally very busy. Kadampa Meditation Center is a perfect place to train in meditation.

Yes - Our meditation room is at ground level and we lay out ramps for the few steps we have.