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Kadampa Meditation Center Switzerland

Medicine Buddha Prayers

27. September / 1. November 2020

According to Buddhism, all illness and suffering, mental as well as physical, arise through delusions such as anger, attachment and ignorance. We experience our delusions as deeply rooted mental habits, and it seems hard to let them go. Medicine Buddha is a Buddha doctor whose function is to liberate living beings from external and internal illness by granting them powerful blessings. Through our connection with the Medicine Buddha, we experience the pure nature of our mind and heal ourselves from these internal diseases.


What to expect

Together, we perform the Medicine Buddha Prayers in English on these Sunday mornings. These prayers are chanted and anyone who wishes can chant or just listen.  Mantra recitations and silent time are included in this prayer practice.


The Venue

These Medicine Buddha Prayers are happening at Kadampa Meditation Center in Zurich Altstetten.


for all levels


no registration is required

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