Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha Prayers

Medicine Buddha Prayers

Sundays, 11:00–12:00pm

24 January / 14 February / 14 March 2021

Experience the healing power of Medicine Buddha. According to Buddhist teachings, all illnesses and suffering, both mental and physical, are caused by our delusions such as anger, attachment and ignorance. We experience them as deeply rooted spiritual habits, and it seems difficult to let them go. Medicine Buddha is a Buddha doctor whose function is to free living beings from external and internal illness by granting them powerful blessings. Through our connection with Medicine Buddha, we can experience the pure nature of our mind and heal ourselves from these internal diseases permanently.






KMC Switzerland
(only via live stream)

What to expect

On this Sunday morning we will conduct the Medicine Buddha Prayers together in English. These prayers are chanted and anyone who wants to can sing along or just listen to the prayers. This prayer practice includes mantra recitations and silent time for meditation.

The Medicine Buddha Prayer (Sadhana) are provided for use on site.

Heilende Gebete

Frequently asked questions

Yes - Everyone is welcome at Kadampa Meditation Center Switzerland. No one is excluded, no matter what your background or beliefs are. The methods and practices taught here are suitable for everyone, no matter how much experience you have.

No - Please come as you are. At KMC Switzerland, chairs and meditation cushions are provided for seating. If you like to sit on the cushion, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing. Traditionally you will be asked to take off your shoes before entering the meditation room. We have floor heating and socks if needed.

No - Many people who come to our events have little or no experience. It doesn't matter if you have tried to meditate before without much success. Everyone finds meditation challenging in the beginning because our mind is naturally very busy. Kadampa Meditation Center is a perfect place to train in meditation.

Yes - Our meditation room is at ground level and we lay out ramps for the few steps we have.