Wed 20 March 2019


Gen Losang Kelsang


CHF 25


Volkshaus Zürich

Nirvana – closer than you think!

Public talk with meditation at Volkshaus Zurich

You think Nirvana – a state of lasting, pure happiness – is unattainable and certainly not in reach for you? Good news; this pure, indestructible potential is already in you, just waiting to be awakened.

During this public talk Gen Losang Kelsang will give practical insights on how to uncover this potential within us. Through identifying and releasing the mind from its negative feelings and thoughts. So that your true nature will shine, helping you to let go of your painful experiences and bring more and more happiness into your life.

Be inspired by this public talk, taught by longtime and experienced Buddhist monk Gen Losang Kelsang. He gives both the beginner as well as the advanced meditators many practical advice that can be implemented in everyday life.

What do expect

An inspiring public talk as well as a guided relaxation meditation.

The Teacher

Gen Losang Kelsang is the resident teacher of both Kadampa Meditation Center Switzerland and as well as Kailash International Retreat Centre, Törbel in Valais.

He is ordained as a Buddhist monk since 1983 and spent several years in retreat under the guidance of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. He later taught Kadam Dharma in many countries including Mexico, California, Taiwan and different countries in Europe. Gen Losang is one of the most experienced teacher of the Kadampa Buddhist Tradition and inspires with his insightful and light-hearted teachings. His experience of meditation and buddhism leads the listener to profound insights into the spiritual path.

Course Information


Entry fee: CHF 25

25% Discount for AHV/IV and students.


In English with German translation.

The Venue

This public talk is held in the Blue Hall, at Volkshaus Zurich, Stauffacherstrasse 60, 8004 Zurich.


For all levels


Registration is required

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