17–19 April 2020


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Kadampa Meditation Center Switzerland

Nyungnä Retreat

Fasting and Purification Retreat

Friday evening 19:00pm / Saturday 13–Sunday 14 April 2019, 6:30am–17:15pm

Nyungnyä is a special fasting and purification retreat, which is practiced in connection with the Buddha of compassion and physical prostrations. Fasting enables us to understand the suffering of others better and increases our compassion for them.  Through this we are able to purify our own negative karma. On the first day of the retreat, we only eat a vegetarian lunch and drink water. On the second day we do not drink or eat for 24 hours. But if you have any health concerns, you can repeat the first day and eat at lunchtime and drink normally. Traditional Buddhist prayers are sung in all retreat sessions. The prayers are recited in English.

The retreat begins with an introduction on Friday evening, followed by the actual retreat on Saturday and Sunday.

General Information


Introduction: CHF 20
Retreat: Donations
Lunch (vegan/vegetarian) on Saturday 18 April 2020: CHF 15

25% reduction for AHV/IV and students


Friday 17–Sunday 19 April 2020

Friday 17 April 2020
19:00–20:30pm | Introduction

Saturday–Sunday 18–19 April 2020

6:30–7:00am | Mahayana Precepts Ceremony (A Pure Life)
7:00–8:15am | Retreat Session (Drop of Essential Nectar)
11:00–12:15pm | etreat Session (Drop of Essential Nectar)
12:30pm | Lunch break (Lunch is only provided on Saturday 18th April 2020)
16:00–17:15pm | Retreat Session (Drop of Essential Nectar)
19:00–20:00pm | Wishfulfilling Jewel Puja (optional)


A vegan/vegetarian lunch is provided on Saturday 18th April 2020 for CHF 15


We provide accommodation in a simple dormitory for CHF 20 per night

The Venue

This retreat takes place at Kadampa Meditation Center Switzerland in Zurich Altstetten.


For experienced practitioners


Registration is required

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give us a call on: 044 461 33 88

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