School & Group Visits

Guided Tours


School & Group Visits

Guided Tours

All schools, universities, private groups and others are welcome to visit the Kadampa Meditation Center in Zurich. These visits provide an insight into the religion, philosophy and daily life of the Buddhist Meditation Center. In addition, these tours offer the opportunity to meet Buddhist practitioners, including monks and nuns, listen to a lecture on a desired topic, try simple guided meditation, and ask questions.

Suggested schedule

The guided tour includes the following points, which can be individually adapted to the group.

  • Buddha's life story
  • Explanations on the buddhist shrine
    Statues and Symbolism
  • Buddhist principles
    Karma, rebirth, compassion
  • Break with snacks and refreshments
  • Meditation – explained and guided (introductory breathing meditation)
  • Explanation of life in a buddhist center
  • Questions and answers
Buddhistischer Tempel


For a guided tour we ask for a fee of

CHF 75



A tour can last from 1-1.5 hours, depending on the teacher or group's wishes



During the break we offer refreshment drinks and snacks